Office of Audits

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Office of Audits has the three primary functions below:

External Audits

External Audits performs consultant contract audits, consultant overhead audits, invoice audits, railroad and utility contract audits, and special projects.

Internal Audits

Internal Audits performs audits of the activities and operations of MDOT SHA. Audits are conducted for compliance, reliability and integrity of information, efficiency and effectiveness, safeguarding of assets, and accomplishment of management's goals and objectives.

Investigations/Special Projects

Investigations/Special Projects investigates allegations of fraud and misconduct by MDOT SHA employees and people conducting business with MDOT SHA.

Special projects are performed at management's direction or discretion.

To report known or suspected fraud, waste, or abuse at MDOT SHA, contact the Office of Audits’ fraud hotline at 1-866-362-1726. All information will remain confidential. You may choose to remain anonymous.



Boniface Kyalla, Internal Audit Manager 410.545.8767
(Operational audits, Compliance audits and Investigations)

Sonya Pirtle, External Audit Manager 410.545.8702
(Consultant Contracts audits, Invoice audits, Local Public Agency audits)

Mary Mays, External Audit Supervisor 410.545.8721
(A/E Consultant Overhead audits, Pre-contract audits)