Office of Procurement and Contract Management (OPCM)

Office of Procurement and Contract Management (OPCM)

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Office of Procurement and Contract Management (OPCM) is responsible for two primary procurement functions and has two stand-alone teams:

  • Architectural and Engineering (A/E) procurement, through the Consultant Services Division (CSD).
  • General procurement, through the Procurement Services and Support Division (PSSD).
  • Agreements Team.
  • Board of Public Works (BPW) and Reporting Team.

The office develops and conducts agency-wide, small procurement certification training; establishes procurement policies and procedures; provides internal control oversight; and acts as principal contact for the Board of Public Works and the state’s procurement control authorities under Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

Consultant Services Division (CSD)

CSD conducts all MDOT SHA’s A/E procurements. Advertisements are placed in the Daily Record and in eMaryland Marketplace Advantage. The date published in the Daily Record is the project's advertisement date.

Procurement Services and Support Division (PSSD)

PSSD supports MDOT SHA’s decentralized procurement structure through oversight of small procurement agency-wide; professional services, commodities, and facilities maintenance procurements; and support of the agency’s snow contracting and fiscal closeouts.

Agreements Team

The Agreements Team is responsible for formulating MDOT SHA policies, procedures and guidelines for developing, executing and monitoring third-party and interagency agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s).

BPW and Reporting Team

This team prepares contracts and related briefing materials for review and approval by the Board of Public Works, in addition to preparing and submitting procurement reports to BPW and responsible agencies.

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