Charles County Weight & Underclearance Restrictions

Charles County - Weight Restriction

Bridge No. Route No. Crossing Single Unit Vehicle Combination Vehicle
0801900 MD 224 Br. of Thomas Cut 58,000 80,000
0802000 MD 224 Thomas Cut 58,000 80,000

This chart shows structures on the State of Maryland Highway System that cannot carry legal weight vehicles. If you need to move an overweight load into or through Maryland please call 1-888-375-1084 for assistance.

Charles County - Underclearance over Navigable waterways

Bridge No. Carrying Over Approx. Vertical Underclearance in feet
0803800 MD 254 Neale Sound 18

Bridge underclearances over navigable waterways are estimated vertical distances above normal water surface levels. These levels can vary considerably from season to season and for tidal waters will vary daily. Underclearance for tidal waters is above mean high tide. Therefore, because of these variations the elevations are provided as a service to the public as a guide and the information should be verified by field measurements by the boater if the exact underclearance is critical to the boater. SHA does not accept liability for inaccurate information.