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Wheres Alexus? Learning about leaf collecting with WJZ's Alexus Davila

WJZ's Alexus Davila travels with an SHA leaf collecting crew to see how they ensure highway drainage and prevent accidents.

Wheres Marty? Looking at How SHA Prepares Brine for Wintery Roads

WJZ's Marty Bass returns to SHA, talking with a crew about the way they treat roads while protecting the Bay.

NBC4 Washington: Maryland Highway Crews Ramp Up Litter Removal

The Maryland State Highway Administration said it is almost doubling its efforts to clean up trash stacking up alongside major state roads. Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss explains.

WJZ: 'Operation Clean Sweep Maryland' set up to increase litter removal efforts along state roads

You're going to notice more crews picking up litter along state roads.

NBC4 Washington: The Road Sign That Drivers Hit the Most & Other Fun Facts From Maryland's Sign Shop

Every day, drivers in the D.C. area rely on road signs to help guide them on their commutes. But what goes into making those signs? News4 went to the Maryland State Highway Administration’s sign shop in Hanover to find out — and we learned some interesting facts along the way.

Where's Marty? Back at SHA for a Third Time! Check out our signal shop!

WJZ's Marty Bass takes an eye-opening look at how the state's traffic signals are programmed from SHA's Hanover complex.

Where's Marty? Back at SHA! Taking a tour of where Maryland road signs are made

WJZ's Marty Bass, looking at his Top 5 "Where's Marty?" segments of 2022, revisits how highway signs are made at SHA's very special workshop.

WJZ visits MDOT SHA Sign Shop

WJZ's Marty Bass, as part of his "Where's Marty?" segment, explored how MDOT SHA makes gigantic and reflective highway signs at a very special workshop.