Projects & Studies

Projects & StudiesWe are dedicated to improving our highways, relieving congestion, increasing safety, and responding to Marylanders and their travel needs. Below you can access major construction projects that are contemplated and planned, as well as data about travel on State roads administered by the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA).

The MDOT SHA Project Portal

This portal is your first stop to obtaining detailed information about current and planned construction projects on MDOT SHA roads.

Major Programs

Check here for large-scale, long-term projects like the Traffic Relief Plan/Public Private Partnership, Consolidated Transportation Program, I-270 Corridor Innovative Congestion Management, and the Maryland Statewide Transportation Model.

Mobility & Reliability

This section provides annual reports on Maryland highways, data from traffic monitoring, and traffic volume maps.

Traffic Studies & Statistics

This page has annual mileage reports, assessment of congestion on roads, a highway location reference with mile points, a monitoring system of State roads, and data about roads that run through municipalities.

Project Notifications

Here MDOT SHA announces the planning and design of upcoming projects and encourages public comment.