Roads and Highways in Maryland

Which roads does MDOT SHA maintain?

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) owns and maintains roads that have a number as well as a name. For example:

  • Interstate Routes such as: I-68, I-95, I-70, I-695 (Marked with a blue and red Interstate shield-shaped sign)
  • United States Routes such as: US 1, US 15, US 40, US 113, US 301, US 219 (Marked with a white US shield-shaped sign)
  • Maryland Routes such as: MD 2, MD 45, MD 140, MD 404 (Marked with a white Maryland rectangular sign)

How do I Adopt or Sponsor a Highway?

Call your local MDOT SHA office to obtain a list of adoptable roads, complete an agreement, receive safety training and pick-up your supplies. Visit Adopt a Highway for a list of MDOT SHA Adopt/Sponsor-A-Highway phone numbers and more details.

How do I request that a State road be dedicated to an individual or group?

Contact the Maryland Transportation Commission at the Maryland Department of Transportation Headquarters at (410) 865-1276 to obtain detailed information and instructions.

What is the length of the Baltimore Beltway?

The Baltimore Beltway (I-695) is 51.46 center line miles.

What is the length of the Capital Beltway?

The Maryland portion of the Capital Beltway (I-495 and I-95) is 42.09 miles. I-495, including portions in the District of Columbia and Virginia, is 64.7 miles long.

How do I determine the right of way on a State road? What is the existing right of way?

Contact the MDOT SHA Office of Real Estate at 1-800-752-4793 to obtain this information.

How can I request a right-of-way plat?

Visit the MDOT SHA Office of Real Estate and for more information.

Does MDOT SHA have a policy about placing roadside memorials in a state right of way?

Yes. Click here to view the policy.