Office of Equal Opportunity(OEO) - D/MBE Overview

​The Disadvantaged/Minority Business Enterprises Program supports, promotes and ensures equitable and fair treatment for all minority and disadvantaged businesses.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) provides supportive services to Disadvantaged/Minority Business Enterprises (D/MBEs) conducting business with or seeking to conduct business with MDOT SHA. Supportive services contribute to the growth and eventual self-sufficiency of D/MBEs so that they may achieve proficiency in competing for contracts and subcontracts. The State of Maryland ’s D/MBE goal program strives to reach a minimum of 25% minority participation on all contracts, with sub-goals of 10% for women-owned firms and 7% for African-American-owned firms. A primary objective of the D/MBE Supportive Services Program is to increase the certified D/MBEs participating in the highway program and to contribute to the growth and self-sufficiency of D/MBE firms.

Another component of the D/MBE Program is monitoring contractors and consultants, both prime and D/MBE firms, for compliance with state and federal regulations. OEO has established the D/MBE Compliance Review Process to ensure the integrity of the program. MDOT SHA’s Office of Equal Opportunity oversees the compliance process with assistance from the District Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) officers, program managers and field personnel who are also responsible for monitoring the D/MBE program. They verify that the contracting and consulting firms are in accordance with the above regulations, programs, and guidelines. Compliance is monitored on all contracts administered by MDOT SHA, including construction, maintenance, consultant services, information technology, and architectural and engineering.

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