Office of Equal Opportunity - Disadvantaged/Minority Business Enterprise

Table of Contents

  1. D/MBE Overview
  2. D/MBE FAQs
  3. D/MBE Reporting
  4. D/MBE Resources & Links​
  5. DBE Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP
  6. BDRP FAQs   

History of the MBE Program in Maryland

In 1978, Maryland's General Assembly enacted legislation creating the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program to ensure that socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners are included in the State’s procurement and contracting opportunities. Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) adheres to the MBE regulations and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) by making every effort to award an overall minimum goal of 29% of the state-funded procurements and 26.39% of the federally funded procurement contracts directly (prime contractors) or indirectly (subcontractors) to MDOT-certified MBE and DBE firms.

Our Commitment

MDOT SHA is committed to the intent and philosophy of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise Programs (D/MBE). MDOT SHA monitors the participation and representation of contractors in the program to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the program as addressed in the Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 26.37 (b) (c) and in accordance with the MDOT D/MBE program guidelines.

MDOT SHA reviews contracts at the designated value to set narrowly tailored MBE or DBE goals on a contract-by-contract basis. Procedures assure that an award of a contract is not made until a prime contractor has met the established MBE or DBE goal by subcontracting with MDOT certified D/MBE firms or has demonstrated a good faith effort to meet the contract specific goals.

MBE Fraud Hotline

If you suspect fraud involving an MDOT Certified DBE or MBE firm, you may contact the MBE Fraud Hotline. A call to the hotline will trigger an investigation. The more details you provide, the better chance we have of determining whether fraud has been committed. Callers may remain anonymous.

If you suspect fraud against a DBE or MBE firm, call 410-697-9611.