Traffic Monitoring System Consultant Information

TMS Roadside Procedures

Consultants: Follow these procedures when counting traffic on Maryland roadways.

Temporary Traffic Control Guidelines For Installation / Removal Of Temporary Traffic Counters

Guidelines to be followed while installing and removing temporary traffic counters.

High Visibility Safety Apparel Policy

This document defines the Apparel Policy that is required while performing counts.

Standard Operation Procedures For Requesting Maryland State Police (MSP) In Work Zones

This document defines the standard process used by Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) personnel for obtaining off-duty MSP Troopers in work zones and for requesting traffic drags.

Locations For Non Intrusive Counts

This document assesses short term program count sites, suitable for Non-Intrusive Technology in Maryland

Traffic Monitoring System Templates And Descriptions

This page contains the templates and descriptions of all of the traffic count formats accepted by the Traffic Monitoring System. This page also details guidance on the collection of GPS points which are required with the traffic counts.

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