Office of Environmental Design

Sonal Ram, Director
Phone: 410-545-8640
Toll Free: 1-800-446-5962 

Kevin P. Wilsey, Deputy Director
Phone: 410-545-8605
Joseph Vervier, Deputy Director
Phone: 410-545-8590

The mission of the Office of Environmental Design (OED) is to combine environmental design, compliance and stewardship into a fundamental component of highway planning, design, construction and maintenance. 

OED comprises six divisions that fulfill its mission of environmental compliance and stewardship:

OED ensures that all Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) facilities and operations comply with State, Federal and Local environmental permits, laws, regulations, and best management practices. OED coordinates with State and local elected officials on environmental issues related to MDOT SHA design projects. It makes recommendations about State and federal legislation related to environmental initiatives.

The office:

  • analyzes and develops design concepts and details for urban streetscapes, wetland mitigation, stream restoration, stormwater best management practices, habitat development, rest areas and welcome centers, highway landscaping, greenways, tree and forest conservation, reforestation, highway aesthetics
  • administers two federal discretionary programs, the National Scenic Byways Program and the National Recreational Trails Program
  • develops an environmental values training program for all MDOT SHA employees. 

OED is responsible for leading and delivering the Chesapeake Bay Watershed TMDL Watershed Implementation Plan for MDOT SHA to achieve required reductions in pollutants loads by the year 2025.

OED oversees the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program (NPDES), which encompasses municipal, construction and industrial activities performed by MDOT SHA that impact stormwater and the environment.

Environmental Compliance Division

Shawn Schmelzer, Chief
Phone: 410-582-5589

This division ensures that MDOT SHA achieves multi-media environmental compliance with State, federal and local environmental permits, laws, regulations, and best management practices. This involves implementation of environmental compliance initiatives across  many media, including air emissions, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, stormwater discharges, groundwater contaminations, toxic and hazardous materials, storage tanks, septic systems, drinking water and emergency response.

The division provides environmental compliance resources, oversight/guidance, environmental technical expertise and environmental training programs for facility employees.  This division is also responsible for implementing a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure sustained compliance in conducting highway and facility operations.

Environmental Programs Division

Harmony Miller, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8617 

Nora Bucke, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-545-8643

This division obtains tidal and non-tidal wetland permits; monitors MDOT SHA's wetland permit requirements and performance, providing periodic reports; and prepares plans, specifications and estimates for wetland and stream impact mitigation. This division also assures compliance with all wetland and related environmental regulations, and assures that commitments made during the planning phase regarding wetlands, streams, fish, and wildlife habitat are met during final design of MDOT SHA's capital projects.

Additionally, this division provides erosion and sediment control inspections through MDOT SHA’s Quality Assurance Program; environmental monitoring on construction projects for permit compliance; and training for the MDOT SHA Erosion and Sediment Control (E&SC) Certification Program.       

Program Support Division

Michael Mannozzi, Chief
Phone: 410-545-2883

The division does the following:

  •  Oversees procurement and contract management for the Office of Environmental Design
  • Manages Architectural/Engineering (A&E) and Consulting and Technical Services (CATS) contracts
  • Prepares contracts — including formal capital, and operating projects and small procurements — for advertisement.         
  • Conducts contract closeout of office-administered capital construction and operations-maintenance projects

Water Program Division

Karen Coffman, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8407

Ryan Cole, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-545-8567       

This division does the following:

Quality Assurance Division

Don Hoey, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8473 

This division does the following:

Landscape Programs Division

Andrew Shoffner, Chief

Tim Madden, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-545-8604

This division does the following:

  • Ensures that all MDOT SHA construction and maintenance activities requiring compliance with the Stormwater and Sediment control laws of Maryland and the United States Clean Water Act obtain review and approval.   
  • Communicates with the Maryland Department of the Environment and other regulatory agencies to ensure that MDOT SHA projects yield high quality outcomes.