Office of Real Estate (ORE)

The Office of Real Estate (ORE) acquires real property for the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) highway program and provides real estate services that support the transportation program. This office is responsible for:

  • Acquisition of real estate
  • Relocation assistance services to displaced persons
  • Property management, including the rental and sale of surplus real estate

In addition, this office provides real estate support services to other MDOT business units, State agencies and local public agencies. These services include the acquisition and management of real estate; appraisal and appraisal review; and relocation assistance.

ORE includes the following divisions:

Appraisal Division

This division appraises market value and establishes just compensation for all right-of-way acquisitions. It determines fair market value for excess land to be sold.

Appraisal Review Division

This division reviews all ORE appraisals. Appraisal review services are also provided to other MDOT business units and State agencies, as well as local public agencies.

Program Coordination Division

This division coordinates activities in the Capital Program — from the development of cost estimates and monitoring workloads and cash flows through setting up project funding. This division tracks all third-party agreements involving right of way. It manages all consultant contracts and works with the right-of-way district desks to manage consultant assignments.

Property Asset Management Division

This division manages and disposes surplus MDOT SHA land in accordance with State and federal laws and regulations. It is responsible for the leasing of real estate not needed immediately for highway purposes. The division is also responsible for road transfers to local jurisdictions. It also oversees the Records and Research Section, which keeps records of all real estate transactions. It researches existing right of way and prior rights on the State highway system.  The division keeps all right-of-way transaction records.

Property Review and Compliance Division

This division is responsible for the case-by-case quality control of all MDOT SHA's right-of-way transactions, thus ensuring compliance with federal and State laws and regulations.

Additionally, it coordinates the title search, property settlement, and relocation assistance programs; and prepares cases for presentation to the State Roads Commission, which conducts eminent domain proceedings.

This division closes out right-of way projects when all acquisitions are completed.

These services are available to other MDOT business units and State agencies, as well as local public agencies. This division coordinates with all local public agencies that utilize Federal Highway Administration Funds. The division also records all right-of-way transactions.

Records and Research Division

This division ensures the timely and accurate response to all prior rights and research requests. It maintains records for the acquisition of MDOT SHA’s right of way and other real estate holdings.

Special Acquisition Division

This division oversees MDOT SHA’s outdoor advertising and junkyard control programs. It also assists with right-of-way acquisitions from other governmental agencies and public utilities. It acquires real estate for environmental mitigation sites.

District Right-of-Way Offices

District Right-of-Way Offices (one per District) are responsible for acquisition and relocation assistance programs for MDOT SHA’s Capital Program and for other MDOT business units. These offices support the district offices controlled by district engineers.

Documents and Forms

Office of Real Estate Operational Guidelines​​ (PDF, 3MB)

Sign Tag Permit Application (PDF, 155kb)

Contact the Office of Real Estate at 1-888-204-4245