Office of Materials Technology (OMT) Qualified Products

The lists on this page provide sources of materials that have been qualified by the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) for use on State projects. This page is a reference for source of supply approval and does not imply that materials can be used on MDOT SHA projects without normal Quality Assurance (QA) testing and procedures.

Each item was submitted, tested and approved. Approval procedures are listed with each material category. Contact MDOT SHA for additional information.

When a product is approved or corrections are made, an updated copy of the qualified list is posted online. Refer to the date at the bottom of the list (PDF) for the latest update.

Please direct any questions concerning each list to the appropriate product manager. See the related material category Product Qualification Procedure for contact information.

MDOT SHA Specification to Material Index (PDF, 500 KB)

Material Quality Assurance Processes, Details and Frequencies

Please select a material category below:

Office of Materials Technology (OMT)

Admixtures for Concrete    |     Asphalt Additives     |     Asphalt Mixtures (Qualified Producers)     |     Asphalt Release

Cement Materials and Bagged Mixtures    |     Composite Offset Blocks    |     Compost    |     Curing Compounds (Liquid Membrane)

Decorative Concrete Stain, Vertical    |     Decorative Reinforced Thermoplastic    |     Detectable Warning Surfaces

Emulsified Asphalts    |     Fertilizers    |     Form Release Compounds    |     Geosynthetic Materials, Geotextiles

Latex Emulsion    |     Liquid and Powder Protective Coatings    |     Pavement Marking Materials    |     Pavement Repair Materials

Performance Graded Asphalt Binder    |     Precast Concrete (Qualified Producers)    |     Sealers, Qualified Liquid Materials

Seed and Sod    |     Soil Materials, Graded Aggregate Base and Aggregate Bulletin    |     Soil Stabilization Matting

Steel Producers, Fabricators and Suppliers    |     Traffic Barrier End Treatments


Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS)

Electrical Accessories    |     Reflective Sheeting

Traffic Control Materials, Qualified    |     Traffic Control Materials, Qualified and Temporary


Office of Structures (OOS)

Noise Barrier Systems    |     Retaining Walls



Troy Davis, New Products and Research Team Leader
Engineering Geology Division
Phone: 443-572-5045     Fax: 410-787-0483


Admixtures for Concrete

Asphalt Additives

Asphalt Release Agents

Cement Materials and Bagged Mixtures, Group 1

Composite Offset Blocks


Curing Compounds (Liquid Membrane)

Decorative Concrete Stain, Vertical

Decorative Reinforced Thermoplastic

Detectable Warning Surfaces

Emulsified Asphalts


Form Release Compounds

Geosynthetic Materials, Geotextiles

Latex Emulsion

Pavement Marking Materials

Pavement Repair Materials

Performance Graded Asphalt Binder

Sealers: Qualified Liquid Materials

Seed and Sod

Soil Stabilizing Matting

Traffic Barrier End Treatments