​Crews to Perform Anti-Icing Operations on Major Roads in Western Maryland; Drivers Encouraged to Delay Travel to the Allegany Mountain Region 

(December 21, 2022) – The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) crews are performing anti-icing operations today in Allegany and Washington counties as a preventative measure ahead of an impending winter storm. Garrett County has plenty of residual salt on the pavement from a previous winter storm.

The storm, which started bringing wintry weather to the northwest United States on Monday, continues to move east across much of the northern states this week. The storm will likely enter Maryland early Thursday morning in the form of rain. But extreme cold temperatures Thursday night and Friday could freeze roads. MDOT SHA storm managers continue to monitor temperatures and conditions for the remainder of the state, which should experience all rain. 

“This is a busy week for holiday travelers and we’re asking them to be extra cautious as they make their way to see friends and loved ones,” said MDOT SHA Administrator Tim Smith. “While we are expecting rain for much of the state, there is a potential for icy conditions in the higher mountain elevations. So, we encourage folks with travel plans heading west to be extremely careful and, if possible, delay their trips a few hours.”

The storm is due to depart the state Friday, and frigid temperatures and high winds will follow. There may be a brief changeover from rain to snow in central Maryland as the storm pulls away. Motorists should expect wet roadway conditions to freeze. MDOT SHA crews will patrol for any icy road surfaces, especially on bridges, ramps and overpasses. 

Stay alert for potentially icy roads and bridges as the storm will coincide with cold air in place. Far Western Maryland is expected to feel the greatest impact while the lower Eastern Shore is expected to get mostly rain. MDOT SHA winter fact sheets and winter driving safety tips are available here​. For those who do have to travel, MDOT SHA offers the following guidelines: 

  • Slow down. Posted speed limits are for ideal weather conditions, so drivers should slow down in inclement weather conditions.
  • Use extra caution on elevated surfaces such as bridges, overpasses and ramps. These areas freeze first.
  • Don’t crowd the plow. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and MDOT SHA equipment.
  • Clear snow from your entire vehicle before driving, as remaining snow on hoods and roofs can become ice and dislodge during highway travel, posing a potential hazard to other motorists.

During and after winter weather events, MDOT SHA crews work to clear and maintain the state’s numbered roadways while local jurisdictions attend to community and residential streets.  

The Statewide Transportation Operations Resource Map  (STORM) ​ identifies where MDOT SHA and contractual equipment are and where they have been, as well as real-time weather information. MDOT SHA also invites motorists to get the latest travel information, including views of our live traffic cameras that enable smart travel decisions by logging onto our homepage,​