About the CAV Program

MDOT SHA is actively preparing for emerging technologies that are changing the transportation landscape, including Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV). Our CAV initiatives support the larger Statewide CAV Working Group efforts, and advance Maryland’s vision to uphold and enhance a Safe, Efficient and Equitable transportation future by delivering collaborative, leading-edge CAV solutions. Our CAV program:

  1. Evaluates the impact of CAVs and related emerging technologies on MDOT SHA’s infrastructure and business processes,
  2. Identifies implementable emerging technology-based projects,
  3. Supports CAV foundational and deployment initiatives, and
  4. Leads CAV communication, outreach, and educational efforts.

MDOT SHA is actively supporting the security of connected vehicle messaging. To this end, anyone deploying road-side units or on-board units for DSRC or C-V2X in Maryland are encouraged to register (at their own cost) for security credentialing here.

MDOT SHA CAV Plans & Annual Accomplishments

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Mohammed Raqib, Deputy Director, ITS & CHART Systems