Mobility Planning & Engineering

The Mobility Planning and Engineering Division (MPED) is responsible for the programming, planning, engineering design and implementation of Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) strategies, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology, and tools needed to better monitor and manage traffic, incidents and weather events on Maryland’s roadways. The MPED team conducts engineering analysis and design tasks to support the TSMO and CHART programs with the information required to facilitate the efficient management of the state’s transportation network to include enhanced freeway-arterial operations. Securing funding for the above program activities and ensuring conformance to state and federal regulations are also responsibilities of this division. In addition, MPED supports MDOT SHA to create policies and plans for the development of future transportation management and operational capabilities.


Project Setup & Programming of Funds

  • Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)
  • Budgeting of Capital and Operations Funding
  • Project Identification
  • Work Plan/Scope Development
  • Identification of Funding Sources
  • Programming, Authorization, and Activation of Project-Specific Funding

TSMO Master Plan/ ITS Infrastructure Planning, Engineering Design, & Deployment

  • TSMO Strategic Plan Implementation
  • Policy and Plans for Development of Future Transportation Management and Operational Capabilities
  • Identification of Transportation System/Corridor Needs
  • Traffic Analysis, Strategy Recommendations, and Concept Development
  • TSMO Project Concepts, Benefit/Cost and Priorities
  • TSMO Master Plan Portal

Systems Engineering, Regional ITS Architecture Development and Conformance

  • Rule 940 and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for ITS Projects
  • Maryland ITS Architecture Development, Update, and Conformance
  • Statewide and Metropolitan Washington Regional ITS Architecture Support
  • Intra- and Inter-Agency Systems Engineering Support for ITS

ITS Device Inventory and Geo Database Management

  • Inventory Management for Existing, In-Construction and Planned ITS Devices Statewide
  • Coordination with Jurisdictions, Agencies, and Stakeholders in Strategic Deployment of ITS Devices

Traffic Signal Systems Operations (TSSO)

In August 2020, OTMO institutionalized a TSSO team to provide real time signal timing modifications to support traffic incident management. TSSO activities include:

  • Development of signal timing plans for non-recurrent scenarios at identified TSMO systems
  • Continuous monitoring of arterial traffic conditions and queuing at intersections
  • Adjustment of traffic signal timing to optimize corridor operations and minimize overall delays
  • Expansion of the TMC to include a statewide, modern 24/7 transportation system management concept
  • Joint TMC Signals Review Group to enable statewide signals on arterials be accessed and managed remotely from the TMC
  • ATM efforts and assistance with the deployment of connected vehicle technology to all major routes in Maryland
  • Coordinating with stakeholders and partners to devise and implement solutions to improve traffic congestion on major corridors

System and Corridor Management

Focusing on trip reliability to improve mobility, this program maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of a facility through traffic engineering principles and strategies by:

  • Increasing throughput and ensuring safety through the use of automated, integrated systems with new technology to optimize performance more quickly
  • Influencing travel behavior with respect to lane/facility choices and operations
  • Implementing operational strategies to meet system-wide needs of congestion management, traveler information, and safety resulting in increased performance

Interagency Agreement Execution and Management

  • Development, execution, coordination, and management of agreements with Institutions of Higher Education and other partners/agencies

Operations and Consultant Services Procurement and Management

  • Developing, procuring, and managing consultant contracts to support engineering analyses, design, and deployment initiatives
  • Assisting with development and procurement of staffing and equipment contracts to support CHART TMC and Field Operations initiatives


  • Developing and distributing internal and external promotional/informational materials
  • Facilitating coordinated tours of the Statewide Operations Center (SOC)

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