What are Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV)?

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles “talk and listen” to infrastructure, other vehicles, and mobile devices. This communication enables applications that can warn a human driver of an impending hazard, enable a vehicle to operate more efficiently, or guide a vehicle to take appropriate action given the surroundings.

Automated Vehicles

Automated Vehicles use sensors and other technologies to understand the environment to assist drivers, and eventually perform driving tasks in place of a human driver.

Connected and Automated Vehicles

Connected and Automated Vehicles leverage connected capabilities with automated features to bring the best of both worlds into one vehicle.

The current automotive trend is "connected" vehicles. Connected vehicles have navigation systems and mobile applications, communicate with infrastructure, and communicate with other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The future includes "automated" vehicles which do not require a human driver. Some current cars include automated systems such as self-parking and collision avoidance technologies. In the future, automated vehicle will perform all safety-critical driving functions as it monitors roadway conditions.

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